David Barker
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Media Appearances!!!

TV and Video

Stossel 3/1/2012
The Dylan Ratigan Show 1/9/2012
Yahoo Finance 1/9/2012
Sun News  12/7/2011
NewsChannel8 Capital Insider 1/10/2012
NewsMax.TV 12/21/2011
Freedomain Radio 1/20/2012

Fairness Radio, 3/8/2012
Steel on Steel, News Radio with John Loeffler, 2/25/2012
The Advocates with Richard J. Garfunkel, WVOX, New Rochelle, NY, 2/15/2012 
The Cari and Rob Show, Syndicated program, 2/14/2012 (2nd hour)
Feedback, WSAU, Wausau, WI, 2/13/2012
Capital City Recap, WILS, Lansing, MI 1/25/2012
Joel Riley Morning ShowWTVN, Columbus, OH, 1/17/2012
Freedom News Hour, Progressive News Network 11/21/2011

Capital City Recap, WILS, Lansing, MI, 1/21/2011
Marketplace 12/7/2009
As It Happens 11/10/2009

No archived audio available yet for appearances on these shows:
“Upfront,” KLTF, Little Falls, MN 11/29/2011
“The Santita Jackson Show,” WVON, Chicago, 11/29/2011
“The Quantum Leap,” KRXA, Monterrey, CA, 12/3/2011
“The Morning Show,” KCAA, Loma Linda, CA, 12/7/2011
“The Jerry Doyle Show” 12/7/2011
“The Afternoon News,” WPLZ, Chattanooga, TN, 12/8/2011
"The Alex Stylos Show," WSAR, Somerset, MA, 12/9/2011
"WIHS Journal," WIHS, Middletown, CT, 12/12/2011
"WMOV Live With Greg Gack," WMOV, Ravenswood, WV, 12/14/2011
"Idaho's Morning News," KBLY, Idaho Falls, ID, 12/19/2011
"The Tim Doctor Show," WJRW, Grand Rapids, MI, 12/20/2011
"Rim Country Forum," KMOG, Payson, AZ, 12/27/2011
"Pratt on Texas,"  12/28/2011
Kansas Information Network, 1/16/2012
"LaDona Live," KOGO, San Diego, CA, 1/16/2012
"Metro Watch with Gloria Minott," WPFW, Washington, DC, 1/17/2012
"The Wake Up Call," KPNW, Eugene, OR, 1/17/2012 
"On the Air with Elena Maroulleti," WNYE, New York, NY.1/22/2012
"The Morning Show with Brian Wade," KXYL, Brownwood, TX, 1/23/2012
“The Morning Show,” KCAA, Loma Linda, CA 1/25/2012
"The Brad Davis Show," WDRC, Hartford, CT, 1/26/2012
"The Breakfast Club," WCUB, Manitowac, WI, 1/26/2012
"New Hampshire Now," WKXL, Concord, NH, 1/30/2012
"Talk of the Town with Larry Rifkin," WATR, Waterbury, CT, 1/30/2012
"The Al Gainey Show," WDUN, Gainsville, GA, 2/3/2012
"Let's Talk Money," WHUR, (Howard University Radio) Washington, DC, 2/7/2012
"The Frank Beckman Show," WJR, Detroit, MI, 2/7/2012
"Hofstra's Morning Wake Up Call," WRHU, 2/9/2012
"Open Phones with Sergio Sanchez," KURV, McAllen, TX, 2/10/2012
“Upfront,” KLTF, Little Falls, MN 2/15/2012 
"Public Affairs with Beecher Hyde," WAVU, Albertville, AL, 2/24/2012
"The Poppoff Show" with Mary Jane Popp, 3/21/2012
"Good Morning Hudson Valley," May, 2012

Print and Web
Written by me
Westlaw, Bank & Lender Liability 7/2/2012
Collier's June 2012
U.S. News and World Report 4/9/2012
The Hill 3/9/2012
Christian Science Monitor 2/14/2012
Iowa City Press Citizen 1/20/2012
The Weissman Report 12/27/2011
News Blaze 12/13/2011
The Cypress Times 12/13/2011
Iowa City Press Citizen 2/21/2011  
Iowa City Press Citizen 12/15/2006

About me, or quoting me
IowaNow 9/25/2012  Article about my research on slime mold models of cities
Quad-Cities Online 9/20/2012
Bankrate.com  9/11/2012
Iowa City Press Citizen
, 6/21/2012
NPR, 6/12/2012
rEASON Magazine, May 2012
Quad-Cities Online  5/1/2012
Moline Dispatch 4/19/2012
Washington Examiner 4/10/2012
Intellectual Conservative 2/25/2012

Savannah Morning News 2/20/2012 
Roll Call 1/25/2012 
The Daily 11/20/2011
The Economist 11/19/2011
Global Viewpoints of Commercial Real Estate 5/27/2011
Time Magazine 9/11/2010 (I wrote the 2009 Real Estate Econ study with Eric Miller)
New York Times  8/18/2010 
Marginal Revolution 2/16/2010
Time Magazine 9/2/2009
National Review Online 4/2/2009 (I am the reader)